7 Must-Have Notion Templates for Students

Written by: Matthias Frank
Last edited: April 13, 2024

Notion Templates for Students are a like a secret cheat code to university. Sure, you still have to show up to your classes and write your assignments (at least until AI can take over your life), but things get just so much easier if you have a great system to organise everything.

Getting started with Notion can be hard though. Notion has a steep learning curve and there are hundreds of templates out there to choose from. But worry not. In this article, you’ll find a curated list of 7 powerful Notion Templates for Students that each come with their own dedicated tutorial.

Read on to pick your favourite Notion Template for Student and start optimising your Notion Workspace for university. Best of all? You can get all of these Notion templates completely for free – just scroll down to the bottom of this page to get them all at once.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to check out the Effective Learning Hub, a collection of resources to help you study better based on research-backed study methods and my experience in law school.

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Nr. 1: Your Student Hub in Notion Template

Best Notion Templates for Students

University can be a lot. There’s information everywhere, starting from the general schedule of your classes, countless due dates for assignments to finally all the notes you’re taking for later.

Luckily, Notion is absolutely amazing at helping you cut through the chaos. This Student Hub Notion Template is the Notion Template I wish I had when I started university. With this Notion Template, you’ll be able to stay ahead of your coursework, take better notes (that actually work for you) and even utilise scientifically-proven study techniques.

Nr. 2: Your Academic Writing in Notion Template

Notion Templates for University

With your classes and notes all organised, you’re primed to ace your exams. Which means there’s only one other end boss left: the dreaded paper.

Whether it’s a short one-off essay in the middle of your course or your phd, academic writing can be pretty daunting. You need a way to organise the huge piles of literature, find a system to extract insights from all your research and overcome writer’s block whenever you open up a fresh new page.

Here’s a Notion Template for Students that has been specifically designed to help you with your university writings. It does pretty much everything for you, from organising your reading list to connecting the dots. All that’s left is to write the actual paper (or let Notion AI take care of that).

Nr. 3: Your Habit Tracker in Notion Template

Habit Tracker in Notion Template

Developing good habits is essential for pretty much any sort of success – and university is certainly not different. But with an external schedule to adhere to and tons of assignments to do at any point, it can be quite challenging to stick to your good habits (and to not fall prey to your bad ones).

Using a Habit Tracker in Notion can be a great help here. Clarify what you’re trying to achieve, set your weekly goals and then watch as the fully automated habit tracker goes to work.

All you have to do? Accomplish your actual habit and press a button to record it. The Habit Tracker in Notion will automatically evaluate your performance and show you how well you’re doing.

Tip: All of these Notion Templates For Students are designed to work on their own, so you can pick and choose your favourites. As you upgrade your Notion Knowledge, you’ll soon be able to connect them with each other to unlock the next stage in your Notion Journey. If you need help, check out my free complete Notion Tutorial.

Nr. 4: Your Meal Planner in Notion Template

Meal Planning in Notion

Speaking of good habits: a healthy diet is crucial if you want to optimise your academic performance (and the quality of your life in general). But again, easier said than done while you’re pulling the third all-nighter in a row trying to fulfil all your deadlines.

The biggest unlock for me during university? Starting to plan my meals. Before that, I’d usually realise right around lunch time that a) I was really hungry, b) I had no idea what to cook and c) even if I had an idea, I had nothing in stock. So I either had to opt for sad takeout food or spend the next two hours figuring out a recipe, running to the grocery store and then trying to cook a 20 minute recipe (that somehow always took one hour instead).

Thanks to the Meal Planner in Notion Template, you can easily store your favourite recipes, plan out the week ahead and quickly create a shopping list. Your body will thank you.

(plus it’s one of the prettiest Notion Templates For Students thanks to all the amazing food pictures)

Nr. 5: Your Workout Tracker in Notion Template

Notion Templates for Students to track Workouts

Speaking of your body, regular exercise is one of the easiest ways to increase your academic performance (and just overall well-being).

During the earlier phases of university, I made the huge mistake to ignore exercise the second things got busy – which just made it harder to focus and study. It was only towards the very end that I realised just how important of a role workouts should play in my study routine.

If you just want to record that you did some exercise, then the Habit Tracker Template above is the perfect choice. If however you want to go a bit deeper, save individual exercises and routines plus track your performance over weeks with smart analytics, then this Workout Tracker in Notion is exactly what you need.

Nr. 6: Your Task Manager in Notion Template

Task Manager in Notion Template

At university, planning your day is often fairly straightforward: go to classes, read your readings and study for your assignments. But the second you add a side job, do an internship or start preparing for your transition into post-university life, a lot of additional tasks start to appear.

If that’s the case, the Student Hub from above might not be enough to organise everything going on in your life. It’s time to add a dedicated Task Manager to your arsenal of Notion Templates.

Here’s a powerful Task Manager in Notion that’s inspired by GTD, one of the most influential productivity systems of all time.

Nr. 7: Your Zettelkasten in Notion Template

Best Notion Templates for University

Last but not least, no rundown of Notion Templates for Students would be complete without a mention of Zettelkasten, the fan-favourite note-taking system that’s all over productivity youtube.

Zettelkasten is a simple but powerful approach to note-taking that revolves around writing down individual ideas (instead of long summaries) and then connect individual notes to create a “web of knowledge”.

It works really well in combination with the Academic Writing Template and is particularly useful if you don’t like to think in hierarchies (”this note belongs in this folder, under this category, for this main topic”) and prefer a more association-based approach.

A Zettelkasten in Notion is a great way to combine this method with your existing setup. And if you’re looking for a more visual note-taking tool, check out my beginner’s guide to Scrintal, another great alternative for Zettelkasten.

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