Your Smart Workout Tracker Template in Notion

Written by: Matthias Frank
Last edited: April 13, 2024

Looking for an easy yet powerful way to track your workouts in Notion? With this Smart Workout Tracker Template in Notion, you can easily remember your favourite routine, record your sessions and see your progress over time.

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(This Template is part of the Habit Challenge 2022. The last template was centred around a simple 25 minute morning routine to help you win your day).

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Meet Your Workout Dashboard in Notion

Your Smart Workout Tracker in Notion

The Dashboard is at the core of your Smart Workout Tracker Template in Notion.

From here, you can…

  • quickly enter your daily workout session,
  • record a new exercise or routine and
  • see at a glance how much you’ve been working out this month.

Plus, thanks to Notion’s awesome database update, dashboards look now even cleaner and more minimalist than before thanks to multiple database sources in one view and the ability to hide database titles!

Three Databases to Master Your Workouts

This Notion Template is powered by three databases for workout entries and another one for awesome statistics in Notion.

  • Your Exercises are a place to store all individual moves that you want to do. Think of them as building blocks for your longer routines
  • Your Routines are exactly that – a combination of several exercises that make up a workout that you can do over and over again
  • Your Tracker to record whenever you actually do a Routine

Your Exercises in the Workout Tracker Template

Free Notion Template

Collect all your favourite exercises in one place, add how many reps you want to do (and how long each rep take) and the template will calculate the time required. If you want, you can also add tags to sort more easily through your exercises.

Curios to see how often you do a given exercise? The Smart Workout Tracker Template in Notion will automatically keep track for you.

Your Routines in the Workout Tracker Template

Build Your Routine in Notion

Build your favourite routines from your exercises. You’ll also see how much time you need for them and how often you’ve completed any given set.

Your Tracker in the Workout Tracker Template

Track Workouts in Notion

Bring it all together and record your individual training sessions. Make adjustments to the total training time (or just use the automatically calculated time based on your routines), record calories burned and see how your month is going.

How to track your Progress in Notion

Statistics in Notion for Workouts

This template comes with statistics for Notion, so you can easily see your progress. The Smart Workout Tracker in Notion will automatically calculate

  • your weight change
  • how many calories you’ve burned in total and on average and
  • how much time you’ve committed to working out

Got other things to track as well? Check out my Notion Habit Tracker Setup for 2023 or the AI powered Nutrition Tracker in Notion.

Get Your Free Smart Workout Tracker Template in Notion

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