Complete Notion Tutorial: Beginner to Master

Written by: Matthias Frank
Last edited: April 13, 2024

Learn how to use Notion with this complete Notion Tutorial. Notion is one of the most powerful no-code apps out there but it comes with a steep learning curve. You could use Notion for months and still barely scratch the surface. Go through this in-depth Notion Tutorial to understand the basic of Notion, how to leverage advanced features and what you need to know to master Notion’s full potential.

How to learn Notion

The best way to learn Notion is to use it. Create your account, set up your workspace and start playing around. Then, start going through the videos on this page. Each Notion tutorial includes a small exercises to help you practice. You’ll go from Notion Beginner to Notion Master in no time.

Notion Tutorial Part 1: How to set up your Notion Workspace

YouTube video

After this first video of this Notion Course, you’ll know

  • How to create your free Notion account
  • How to set up your workspace
  • How to get your personal Notion domain and
  • How to navigate the interface of Notion
  • How to customise Notion with different fonts
  • How to get a full width page in Notion
  • How to set a cover image in Notion

How does Notion actually work? Notion Blocks, Notion Pages and Notion Databases explained

YouTube video

After the second video of this Notion course, you’ll know the answer to these questions

  • How do you organise your Notion workspace
  • Does Notion have folders?
  • Why is Notion great for Personal Knowledge Management
  • What’s the difference between a block, a page and a database in Notion?
  • What’s the one big mistake most beginners make in Notion?

Notion Tutorial Part 3: Everything you ever need to know about Notion Pages

YouTube video

In the third video, you will learn

  • Every block in Notion and how to use them
  • How to use a gif as a cover in Notion
  • How to format text in Notion
  • How to organise your content in Notion using headings, toggles, callouts and much more
  • How to create columns in Notion
  • How to embed pretty much anything in Notion

Notion Databases: Everything you ever need to know

YouTube video

In Part 4 of this Notion Tutorial, you’ll uncover the secrets of Databases in Notion.

  • What’s the basic difference between databases and spreadsheets?
  • What are all these Notion properties?
  • The different Notion database views
  • Which Notion tricks you need to know to make the most out of databases

Notion Formulas: Everything you ever need to know

YouTube video

The 5th video of the series will help you master an advanced feature in Notion that can cause trouble to even experienced Notion users: Formulas in Notion.

  • Learn the basics of how to use formulas in Notion
  • Find out how to do calculations in Notion Formulas
  • Upgrade any database that uses dates with Date Manipulation in Notion
  • Turn your Notion templates into apps with String Manipulation
  • Implement advanced Logic in your Notion Formulas

The Perfect Notion Setup that 85% of people should use

YouTube video

In the last video of the ultimate Notion Tutorial Series, you’ll put everything together that you learned previously to build the perfect Notion Setup.

After this video, you’ll know

  • The three most important databases for (nearly) every Notion Setup
  • How advanced Notion users think about databases and pages
  • How to create awesome automated dashboards
  • How to make sure that your Notion workspace can scale with whatever you need it to do.

Watch the craziest Notion Tutorial on Youtube

YouTube video

Over the years, I released a lot of Notion Tutorials. And to make it easier to follow along and master Notion, I compiled 21 videos into one giant 10 Hour long Notion tutorial.

The first section contains the individual tutorials from above plus a few extra lessons on how to start using your newfound Notion Knowledge. It’s the foundation for your journey to become a true Notion Master.

In the second section, you’ll move on to the intermediate level and uncover your first Notion Use cases, how to build simple workflows and how to use more advanced Notion features like Notion Formulas or Notion Automations.

Last but not least, you’ll turn into a Notion Champion and push your Notion workspace to the next level with powerful integrations, automations and workaround for current limitations. Whether it’s Charts in Notion, integrating ChatGPT or turning Notion into a PDF generator: nothing is off-limit.

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