What is Notion?

Notion is one of the coolest tools out there and an amazing place to build lasting systems to improve your life. It's your To-Do App, book shelf, notebook, spreadsheet and even personal website all in one place. Heck, someone even build a fully functional Pokédex in Notion. No tool will improve your life just on its own - but use Notion with the right systems and you'll be amazed by what's possible.

How to get started with Notion

Notion can have a steep learning curve if you're new to it, but worry not. On this page, I'll curate all my Notion tutorials to get you from Notion Newbie to Notion Ninja in no time. Plus, explore all my templates and find the right puzzle piece to bring your Notion workspace to the next level.

Level 1

Notion Newbie

Get started with Notion with these Beginner Tutorials.

Level 2

Notion Nerd

Use these super cool (and free) templates to upgrade your Notion workspace and level up your productivity.

Level 3

Notion Ninja

Unlock Notion's true potential with these game-changing addons.

My newest articles about Notion

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Start your own journey now

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