Best of the Internet

“If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants” | Isaac Newton

I firmly believe that given enough time, you can figure out most things by yourself. Be it as it may, it seems like a waste of time to do so without help. Why make all the mistakes yourself if you can learn from others? After all, we don’t try to figure out the rules of Algebra or French Grammar all by ourselves. We learn from others who have done so already. Why wouldn’t we apply that to other areas of life?
So without much further ado, check out my favourite inspirations on the internet:


Chef John

No-fuss, easy to follow recipes with tons of videos. Plus an amazing sense of humour. It’s a lot of running gags, so give it a few tries (and a pinch of cayenne, always!)

Binging with Babish

If you are in the mood for super high quality recipe videos, look no further. You can either learn all about the recipes from your favorite movies and series or... the basics.)

Strictly Dumpling

Binged all episodes of Chef’s Table already and now you’re looking into amazing restaurant food of all kinds? Watch Mike eat his way through foodgasm after foodgasm.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Are you the kind of person who’d rather let their creativity run wild instead of following a recipe to the letter? Or do you just want to learn the fundamentals of cooking?  


The Essential Man

The name says it all. Amazing newsletter (and blog), regardless of whether you are just getting started or want to keep up on trends and seasonal changes without all the noise of mainstream fashion magazines. Bonus points for his annual “gifts to gift yourself” lists, which are amazing to discover cool (and stylish) new things.

The Kavalier

Self-proclaimed “crash test dummy of men’s fashion”, it’s your best choice if you’re interested in learning more about small new brands and where they stand compared to established players. Be it made-to-measure suits, beautiful leather shoes or your new favourite tech fabrics that you’re interested in - look no further. Amazing channel, great personality, lots of input.

Ashley Weston (& Dorian)

You want to learn the basics about style, fit and what should be in your wardrobe... and you haven’t checked out her videos? You make your life unnecessary hard. With a huge collection of short videos on pretty much any style topic, this is the most well-rounded resource to level up your game. And don’t forget to check out their videos about other areas of life!

He Spoke Style

Polo Shirts are your most casual item and you don’t understand how someone would not wear a blazer on casual Fridays? Get more inspiration here. All jokes aside, HSS excels when it comes to all things up from business casual. This is the go-to inspiration for classic menswear style. Oh and he knows his negroni.


Man for Himself

Whether it’s hairstyles or skincare, Robin know what he is doing. If you’re ready to leave mainstream drug stores behind or just want to know what the alternatives would be, check him out. Oh and have you ever wondered whether there are other scents out there for men than Pack Rabanna or Davidoff Cool Water? He’s got you covered!


You might have noticed that K-Pop is taking the world in a storm. But there is a second cultural export happening from Korea that slowly gets a firmer hold globally: Korean Skincare. Whether you just want to know why you should wear sunscreen also in fall and winter or plan to really learn everything about the intricacies of your skin, this is a good place to start.


Ali Abdaal

Entertaining, bite-sized videos about all things related to productivity - whether it’s how to study more efficiently, how to type really fast on your keyboard or the newest or the coolest digital tools. Great YouTube Channel to start with and many more in-debt resources in case you want to go for a deep dive.

Khe Hy

He lures you in with productivity and then hits you over the head with the existential - that’s his tag line and it couldn’t be more on point. Basically every thing he writes leaves you with the impression “Oh hm, true, I should definitely think about that”. What more could you ask for? Amazing newsletter and blog. Subscribe and see for yourself. Thank me later.

August Bradley

Ready to structure... everything? He is your man. Unbelievably in-dept YouTube series on how to set up a life-operating-system in the digital world. Be warned: his approach is intense and all encompassing. But even if you don’t want to fully plan out your every move, give him a try. Things can always be toned down and you will have to search very hard to find a similarly well structured introduction to productivity systems anywhere for free. .

Tim Ferris

This one is easy. Either you’ve heard of him and love him, then just skip this point. If you a) don’t know him at all or b) saw the titles of his books and think “Ah well, another click-baity ponzy scheme”, pick two of his podcasts at random (or specifically listen to Seth Godin or Wolverine) before you make up your mind. He is the living embodiment of the above quote.